General Information: H2micrO Filter


General Description: H2micrO filter is a low cost point of use filter designed to convert questionable water to drinking water. It requires no electricity, chemicals, or replacement parts. It is backed by a 3 year performance warranty. This filter has been used for decades, has been used in medical, water, food and industrial applications for high-precision ultra-filtration. Improved manufacturing processes now make the technology economical for general consumer use.

This filter has great implications for:

Charitable donations

Developing countries

Natural disaster locations

Improving your tap water

Hunting and fishing cabins

Camping base sites

Preparedness and drinking water security

Product Part Description:

  1. 5-gallon bucket: This bucket has all of the filtering components contained inside of it. Pour water into the top of the bucket and flip open the spigot for clean drinking water. The bucket comes with our H2micrO logo on it.
  2. 75-micron filter: This fits on top of the bucket. This filter will do the initial filtering and will take out any coarse sediment such as sand, gravel, and algae.
  3. Lid: By keeping the lid on the bucket you can ensure that nothing enters your water when you are away.
  4. Spigot:By flipping up the tap you will release the water for a nice smooth flow.
  5. Syringe: This is a tool used to backwash the 0.1-micron filter. There are instructions included with this package that show how to successfully clean your filter.
  6. Flow extender: This plastic extension tube is attached to the spigot. By attaching this extension to the end of the spigot you will notice a significant increase in the flow of water.
  7. Double 0.1-micron filter: This filter uses hollow-fiber membrane filtration technology. This filter is capable of removing >99.999% of all bacteria including giardia, and cryptosporidium.

Specifications and Performance:

Nominal flow rate: 1 liter per minute

Weight: <5lbs

Start-up: no start-up process required; filter can be used immediately

Pause time: no pause time is required between fill-ups

Chlorination: no chlorination required to remove bacteria

Portability: full portability without disrupting filter processes

Backwash Instructions: Turn the filter upside down, use a syringe to inject filtered water into the spigot to back flush the filter elements, do so until the water coming out is as clear as the water going in, then use as normal. Typically takes 3-5 minutes. This is to be done daily.

Warranty Policy: 3-year performance guarantee that filter will produce (a) water that is >98% bacteria free, (b) flow rate >80% efficiency of specified flow rate, and (c) no defects in materials or workmanship provided that the filter has not been abused or misused and has been maintained as specified.

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