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Catholic Religious Men and Women

The creation of a new program starts first with the identification of a Catholic Congregation of Men or Women Religious. Our choice about with whom to partner is simple and practical. We partner with Catholic schools who have existing resources and ministry to educate, feed, nurture and develop children and their surrounding communities.

There are a collection of local institutions of education throughout the world that have existed for well over a thousand years. The services being provided in all cases have already been well established at least in principle if not in practice for decades to hundreds of years. CARITAS partners were born, raised and speak all the languages needed to reach the people they serve. We are pleased to work with these fine and educated people of God because they already know the mission at hand. They understand God’s love for us and they have dedicated their entire lives to this service.

We cannot think of any other similar situation where such a combination of development, training, love and care can better be found to carry out this work. To build a force of laypeople, trusted, competent, willing and dedicated to the vocation of serving the needs of others would take many years and millions of dollars, extensive systems of management control and leadership. All of these things are uniquely provided by our partners from the moment a new program location is identified. These relationships allow us to maximize the investment of money being raised to carry out the respective missions.

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