How CARITAS Programs Operate

Working With Religious Communities

CARITAS For Children gives hope to orphaned and disadvantaged children around the world, partnering with Catholic religious communities to provide life-changing health, education and general welfare services.

CARITAS provides financial assistance for the health, education and general welfare of orphaned and disadvantaged children. In partnership with Catholic religious communities throughout the world, CARITAS brings a future and hope to children who have been born into a cycle of extreme poverty.

Working with Catholic Religious Orders of Sisters and Nuns who are native to the places where we serve, CARITAS For Children is able to develop programs in the field, where the poorest children and families live.

Working with partners indigenous to the program locale not only allows us to identify the most pressing needs of the children and families we serve, but it also makes it possible to provide the most natural and efficient solutions. The Catholic Church calls this concept, subsidiarity. We call it respect for the beauty and the power of the people we serve.

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