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CARITAS Gives Hope

The 21st Century dawns onto a world where millions of orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children are living without food, without education and without hope. Not one of them should be forgotten. CARITAS brings these children the resources needed to live a life of dignity and purpose.

Child Sponsorship

CARITAS’ Child Sponsorship program is a powerful and cost-effective way to change the life of a child, and to change the life of a sponsor.

We have several Child Sponsorship programs available for you to choose from, all of which serve very poor children in need.

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Special Projects

In addition to the sponsorship of children, there are several special projects that need attention in order to care for the needs of the children we serve. These projects allow us to continue developing our programs in various areas.

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Global Advocacy

CARITAS For Children is about building relationships encouraging charity and mercy, keeping consistent with our mission to inspire others to act in such a way as to promote the greatest commandment given, “to love God with one’s whole heart and one’s neighbor as oneself.” (cf.Matt.22:37-40). The word itself, CARITAS inspires, unites and promotes loving others.

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