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CARITAS For Children currently funds four projects in Poland which are not directly supported by sponsorships. Your donation designated for “Projects in Poland” will help us maintain these very important programs for the children we serve in Poland.


English Language Program

In Poland acquiring competency in English is essential for improved job prospects and entrance into many universities. Overall, command of the English language is a necessary skill for a chance at a brighter future.

Most Polish public schools teach English as a second language beginning in the first grade. Typically in the state run schools, the level of English language teaching is poor and parents with the financial capability provide their children with supplemental private English lessons or tutoring.

Without additional financial support supplemental English instruction is not an option for the children living at the orphanage. In 2008, recognizing the importance of learning English, CARITAS For Children established an English Language Program at the orphanage funded entirely by private benefactors. Lessons and tutoring provided by a native English speaker has resulted in improved grades in English and increased self-confidence for the children at the orphanage aged 11-18 and is greatly appreciated by the Sisters.

CARITAS For Children would like to continue this highly successful program and expand it to serve the younger children aged 6-10. Sustaining the program and broadening its reach requires additional funding. Won’t you join us in broadening the horizons of the children at the Czestochowa orphanage?

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Summer Holiday Program

Each summer the Sisters take the children in the orphanage for a holiday to the seaside or mountains to try and provide them with a sense of “living” away from the very limited environment of Chotomow. The children eagerly await this break from their life in the orphanage and the hot summer months in Poland. Although the Sisters and the children stay at modest facilities with only basic accommodations, their summer holiday is an important change from routine and results in a positive long term impact upon the children and the sisters as well! It is psychologically and emotionally beneficial for the children to have this special respite.

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Life Skills Program

Life skills are generally the basic requirements that young people will need to survive on their own, such as budgeting, household management, personal hygiene, etc. These skills are essential for children, who have lived their lives in an orphanage, to make a successful transition to life in the outside world. On a limited basis, CARITAS For Children works with the Sisters in Chotomow to help provide the children with these life skills; however the need to further develop this type of program is critical. Too often young adults, aged 18-20, take leave of the orphanage ill prepared to live independently. Attending to these psychosocial needs provides the children with a proper beginning to their adult life. Additional funding is necessary to further develop this program.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Program

Every year CARITAS For Children hosts a Thanksgiving dinner at the orphanage. This is truly a special day for the children, providing them with a unique opportunity to share together in a festive meal with unusual foods. Even though the Polish children are participating in a typical American holiday, the Sisters take the time to educate the children about the truly important message of Thanksgiving which transcends cultures.

The children are encouraged to reflect on gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. Gathering together, sharing a meal with friends, allows the children to learn about caring for others. They come to understand that even in their lives which are often so difficult, they too have people who care about them. Most importantly they realize that there is much in their lives for which they are thankful. For orphans, this is an especially moving, and potentially life-changing day.

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