In addition to the sponsorship of children, there are several special projects that need attention in order to care for the needs of the children we serve. These projects allow us to continue developing our programs in various areas.

Special Feeding Program

Responding to Food Insecurities
The shortage of food is a common reality in all the locations where we serve. With the help of our ministry collaborators on the ground, CARITAS is dedicated to long-term strategies to tackle this issue.

The Special Feeding Program is a way to fund Food Management and Development. Fish farms, agricultural farms, chickens, and other livestock lead to local empowerment, self-reliance, and lasting resources for the community.

CARITAS for Children is dedicated to meeting the local needs, while encouraging participation, building skills, investing in agricultural initiatives, and creating a growing and renewable source of food for the poorest of the poor, especially abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable children.

Responding to Emergency Situations
This fund is also used when food relief is desperately needed. These may be during times of drought, epidemics, locusts, mudslides, earthquakes – and other serious natural disasters.

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Water Well For Father Frank’s Caritas Farm

The difficulty of finding clean water and available food are both common realities for poor Ugandans. CARITAS For Children is creating a long-term strategy to tackle this issue with the help of Fr. Frank, a 2017 Graduate of our Sponsor-a-Seminarian program.

Through donations to our Special Feeding Program, Fr. Frank was able to pay the first-year’s operational expenses to begin a 24-acre farm. Father Frank, who personally oversees the farm, told us that his biggest need is to have a well and irrigation system on the property.

The total cost of the Well and Irrigation System is $10,000. CARITAS has found a generous donor who will match the funds gained for this initiative. Any donation amount is welcomed and will be matched until we’re able to pay for this project.

The food that is produced on the farm will be for a local Catholic Primary School, feeding 300+ children a year. The Well is to be used on the farm and also to be a source of clean water for potentially 5,000 people in the nearby villages.

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Literacy Program in Uganda

Schools in Uganda have limited and/or no resources for books.

OUR SOLUTION is to offer a mobile library, utilizing the primary method of local transportation in rural Uganda—the Boda Boda.

OUR GOAL is to optimize literacy rates, reduce dropout rates, and create stronger and more peaceful communities.

WE PROVIDE books, insights, and literary support, while interfacing with local Ugandan educational partners.

ADDITIONAL INITIATIVES we’ve created include school vegetable gardens, a soccer and netball sports league, an outreach program for girls who have dropped out of school, and initiatives to assist teen mothers.

All of these activities utilize literacy for social change.

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Program Development Belize

While most information found on the Internet about Belize, it presents a beautiful place to vacation and getaway. Beautiful beaches, lovely clear blue ocean waters, etc. But in fact, one of the most important facts we can share about Belize is that “49 percent of Belizean children live in poverty.”​ Hunger, broken families, challenges of employment exist all over, violence, drugs, etc. are all there. Solution: Education! That is the best long term answer to break that cycle of poverty just as it is in most of the locations where CARITAS exists. And where Caritas is there, Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, are all reduced. Reduced in significantly apparent numbers of families. Please, won’t you consider helping our brothers and sisters in Christ there in Belize? You donations are all gratefully appreciated and support our CARITAS Ministry in many ways for thousands of children globally. Thank you. God bless!

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Program Development Africa

There are nearly 150 million children in Africa today that live in extreme poverty. Each year, almost 20% of children die before they turn 5 years old. These are just a few of the astonishing numbers that outline this impoverished region. Other key problems of this region include child trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and poor governance providing inadequate services to the public.

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Special Projects Latin America (Dominican Republic/Haiti)

Latin America and the Caribbean are widespread in poverty. Although poverty has slowed down in the past decade, unequal distribution of wealth has led to extreme poverty among the poorest people in these regions. A region of over 225 million, 10% of the people receives 48% of all income, while the poorest receive nearly 2% of all earning income. HIV/AIDS also continues to affect this region of the world.

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CARITAS For University


Donations to CARITAS For University provides funds for students who have graduated from secondary school through our child sponsorship programs but do not have continued support to attend university. The beneficiaries of this fund are focused, driven young people with the desire to succeed.

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Program Development Poland

Poland is one of the countries in Eastern Europe where many children still grow up in orphanages, in Polish called “Dom Dziecka” meaning Child’s Home. In reality these are not homes. Although people working there try to keep it clean, safe, warm, and even attractive, an orphanage is not a home. It’s just a public institution where children are coming to from very different circumstances.

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Water Filtration Systems For Uganda

Illness, hunger, and absenteeism from school are a child’s reality when clean water is not available. With your donation of $100 to the Water Filtration Program a Ugandan family in need will receive an H2MicrO bucket filter from Stonehouse Water Technologies that will provide them with a quick, easy method of making sure their water is safe and clean. Together we can ensure a child has clean water!

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